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What is Telmie?

The platform for communication-based services

Call and accept calls on-demand without booking. Flexible billing removes boundaries and encourages productive communication.
Video calls
Use chat like it has never been used before - to provide and receive service, make payments and get paid.
Powerful chat
Telmie offers a simple yet powerful booking system. Plan your time upfront and get a refund for cancelling in advance.
Calendar, bookings and reminders
Prepay sessions in bulk to get a better price. Or, if you are a Pro, reward regular clients with discounts.
Packages and subscriptions
Find the Pros trusted by your friends, family and colleagues. Promote your services through your clients’ social circles.
Professional network

How it works

Telmie offers a simple yet powerful solution for
communication-driven services

Find and get found

Find and get found

With Telmie, no searching is necessary to find the perfect Pro or client. Telmie does searching for you, so you can focus on the service and enjoy the results.

Connect and achieve

Connect and achieve

Imagine having the best talent in your phone book, just a message away. Telmie is that phone book, inspired by WhatsApp and Zoom. You can send a text, book a session, make a call and enjoy instantly.

Earn and reward

Earn and reward

Top up or withdraw earnings with ease or link a default payment method and enjoy services using the automatic pay-as-you-talk payments pioneered by Telmie.

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